We bring power closer to you.

Giving you the unparalleled convenience in where you want your power outlets.

Beautifully designed and engineered to last. Discover a new way to connect to electricity.

Stay Safe

Our products are designed with your safety as a priority. With a smaller than 6mm gap and internal components that are fully grounded, your family can always use your Electric Bar (power track) safely.

Stay Connected

Never run out of sockets again. With the Nexen adaptors, you can enjoy the ease and flexibility of connecting your appliances anywhere along your electric bar (power track) whenever you need to.

Stay in Style

Beautifully designed, your Nexen Electric Bar can be displayed proudly as a part of your home. Surface mount or embed the Electric Bar into your furnishings to fit your home design.

Nexen Pro

The Nexen Pro Electric Bar is extremely versatile both in functionality and aesthetics. Add multimedia ports such as HDMI, USB or ethernet sockets to the bar for additional connectivity, have us design your bar with an in-house finishing for a look that complements or contrasts your home decor or furnishings, or do both.

Your choice, your Electric Bar.


Different Colours, Different Style

Our original Nexen Pro Electric Bar comes in silver, but can be customized with a variety of laminates to suit your home design. Each bar is handmade carefully with your chosen laminate to create a product that is unique to you.

Types of Nexen Pro


Designed For The Modern Home

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