You provide the waste, and we provide the solution.

Here at Motiq Living, we connect you to our trusted waste collection service provider in Singapore as a one-stop service platform for waste management. We have an extensive range of waste collection solutions that are tailored to cater to your needs.

We continue to innovate our products and services by incorporating the latest technology - to improve efficiency and productivity and provide quality service.

These features will help generate waste audit reports for your convenience.

1. GPS

All our vehicles are well equipped with GPS so that we can track our trucks in real-time. It allows for complete visibility of the locality of waste collection and waste tonnage collected, thus ensuring credibility.

2. Onboard Weighing

Incorporating the latest technology, we can conduct onboard weighing to get you the most reliable and accurate measurements of your cargo fast and efficiently.

Types of Waste Collection Service

Efficient Waste Collection Solutions for Your Office or Outdoor Space.

Types of Waste We Collect

We provide extensive waste collection services to cater to your needs.

We provide the following recycling services:

1) Provision of common recycling bins (240 litres and/or 660 litres) and cages

2) Scheduled collection of recyclables from collection points

3) Recyclables collected will be sent to our Material Recovery Facilities for sorting and processing

4) In office recycle bin waste collection

Our Vehicles


Rear End Loader (REL)

Our Rear End Loader collects according to a scheduled timetable from bulk bins of different sizes (120,240,660 litres) as well as from open and enclosed steel containers. Our RELs are fitted with a GPS tracker to enable us to track the truck location and update collection statuses.
REL collection services are most suited for those who generate a moderate amount of incinerable waste that can be stored in a bin for scheduled collection.

Suitable for General Waste and Recycling Waste.


Open Top Containers (OTC)

Our Open Top Containers (OTC) are placed on site and are mostly used to store bulky waste and non-incinerable trash (e.g. Bulky items, big appliances, metal pieces, etc). It is also suitable for heavy, bulky, or high-density materials such as construction debris and industrial waste. It is mobile and is suitable for a one-time large-scale collection. Upon collection, the OTC will be towed away via the hooklift / roll on roll off* system.

Suitable for Bulky and Construction Waste.

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