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Plastic Round Bin with Lid & Wheels (optional)


  • Manufactured to last. Durable and Leak Proof
  • Comes with 2 hand grips for easy handling
  • Lid to prevent accidental water collection from rain
  • Snap on lid to keep the lid tight and keep pest away
  • With Dolly Mobile Roller (optional)
  • Twist lock design mechanism (holds waste bins and containers in place)
  • Excellent mobility and maneuverability 
  • 5 Non-marking castors (excellent floor protection)


  • Rainwater Harvester - Collect/ Store Rainwater.
  • Laundry Basket - Hold Dirty Laundries.
  • Rubbish Bin - Container Discarded Wastes.
  • Storage container for dry food products (e.g. rice grains) 
  • Material & Finishing: Strong and Durable Polyethylene 
  • Dimensions: 75L
    Height: 61.0 cm
    Diameter: 48.0 cm
    Capacity volume (ltr): 75liters
  • Dimensions: 120L
    Height: 71.0 cm
    Diameter: 56.0 cm
    Capacity volume (ltr): 120liters