OneDesk is a height adjustable desk that brings effortless operation to traditional sit-stand products. It seamlessly adjusts between sitting and standing postures without interrupting workflow.

The rich OneDesk Industrial laminate and standing frame create an upscale look and feel for any workspace. Improve productivity while also improving your mood with an adjustable OneDesk standing desk. There's no work involved with this electric height adjustable desk, simply push the up and down arrow buttons. Choose from 1000+ laminate styles, each boasting unique details. All tops are sealed with air-safe finishes, protecting both your desktop surface and indoor air quality for years to come.


Three Tier Frame

Dual Motor



Create Your Standing Desk

Giving you the freedom to choose or design your own standing desk

Customise Size Tabletop

You can customise the tabletop size in Singapore to fit your need

Pick Your Laminate Design

Laminate Tabletops are made up of a wear-resistant overlay, decorative panel and impact-resistant kraft.

Finishing Touch

Add on Nexen Slim Electric Bar - a sleek and elegant power track across your desk

Benefits of Laminate Top

One Desk Laminates are a wear-resistant overlay, decorative panel and impact-resistant kraft. Laminate offers long-lasting beauty, function and performance with a wide range of attractive patterns and texture possibilities. 

Our 5-4-3-2-1 Warranty Policy

OneDesk, aims to maintain strong relationships with customers and ensure that their desks serve your every need. OneDesk 5-4-3-2-1 warranty policy is in place to guarantee your desk remains in pristine condition. After 5 years, One Desk will allow for 1 tabletop change of your choice (same or different design). On top of that, OneDesk offer a standard 4-year motor warranty, 3 year add-on for lifting mechanism and the motor, and 2 year for their laminate tabletops.


Frequently Asked Questions