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CLIA Recycling Bins

CLIA Recycling Bins


  • Excellent for use within schools, malls, offices, lobby and malls
  • Made with precision using molded Fibre Glass Material (FRP)
  • Award-winning design for a modern recycling receptacle.
  • Colorful and emotive labels to enhance identity and increase recycling habits
  • Excellent resistance to weather conditions
  • Smooth surface for easy maintenance
  • Comes with an individual liner.
  • Bin comes with individual recycling compartments. 
  • Excellent storage volume
  • Material & Finishing: Fibreglass (FRP)
  • Dimensions: 3 compartment 320L
    Height: 850.0 cm
    Length: 1143.0 cm
    Width: 460.0 cm
    Capacity volume (ltr): 320 liters