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Bamboo Chopping Board


In every dish served is a dance of flavors, a showcase of a chef's repertoire.
MChef bamboo chopping board is a juxtaposition of toughness and sleekness - the perfect accompaniment to every culinary adventure.
Made with 100% organic bamboo wood, each board is then treated with high temperature carbonization and flattening so that you can be assured of its durability and anti-bacteria properties.

  • Tough Bamboo Surfaces
  • Anti-Bacteria and Mildewproof
  • 1.8cm thickness for extra durability over long-term use
  • Two-sided cutting board to prevent cross-contamination
  • Handle for transferring from kitchen to table and vertical storage

Size: (LxHxW)
- Small:20x30x1.8 cm
- Medium: 24x34x1.8 cm
- Large:30x40x1.8 cm

Material: Wooden Bamboo

Durable Material

Ergonomic & Sustainable Grip

Anti-bacterial & Mildew-proof

Carefully Crafted

Our chopping boards are precisely designed for durability, mobility, and efficiency in the kitchen.

Made for Mobility

Our eco-friendly chopping boards include an ergonomic handle for both transportation and vertical storage (ie hanging on hooks).

Cutting Edge Sanitation

Your health is our priority. That's why we created cutting boards that can be easily cleaned and made of tough bamboo for your peace of mind. Our 1.8 cm chopping boards are anti-bacterial and mildew-proof, and the ability to use both sides of the board is designed to prevent cross-contamination.