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2-Wheel BioHazard Bin w Step Pedal 120-240L


Durable yellow 2-wheel bin with step pedal, designed to meet OSHA standards & CDC guidelines. Best used for laboratories, clinics and hospitals. 120L

Product Features

BIOPAK - The waste containes are made to ensure compliance to such guidelines and implement a duty of care to users for safe disposal or medical waste

  • Comes in yellow which is the standard color code for Bio Hazardous waste bins.
  • Comes with hazardous waste logo on the front of the bin body for classification
  • Pedal as standard, for easy opening of the lid. 
  • Bin comes installed already for immediate use.
  • Manufactured to last. Durable and leakproof.
  • Material & Finishing:Plastic (HDPE)
  • Dimensions: 120L
    • Height: 94.0 cm
    • Length: 55.0 cm
    • Width: 48.0 cm
    • Capacity volume (ltr): 120 liters
  • Dimensions: 240L
    • Height: 108.0 cm
    • Length: 73.0 cm
    • Width: 58.0 cm
    • Capacity volume (ltr): 240 liters

    Health & Environment Authorities Worldwide

    The Biopak-Medical waste containers are made to ensure compliance to such guidelines and implement a duty care to users for safe disposal or medical waste.

    Infection Control Guidelines

    Disposable needles, scalpel blades and other sharp items capable of causing injury must be placed into puncture-resistant containers (e.g. sharp containers) located as close as possible to the area in which they are used.


    Containers should be visible & recognizable to healthcare workers who handle them. The current fill status of the container should be easily observable along with proper warning labels & colour coded, like BIOPAK series.

    BIOPAK Containers

    Made of polypropylenem suitable for clinics, hospital, research institutions, veterinary and other healthcare establishments.