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Rectangle Stainless Steel Bin 65L

Product Description 

This rectangular steel lift lobby bin is suitable for public areas such as a lobby, lift, office, reception, hotel, or mall.

  • Manufactured with technical stainless steel grade 304, making it corrosion resistant

  • Welded base prevents leaks

  • Includes inner steel liner and rubber trims for trash bags.

  • Available in hairline or polished satin look.

  • Comes with swing and open top

  • Customizable size to suit a variety of high class areas.

  • Material & Finishing: Stainless Steel Grade 304 Hairline Finishing
  • Dimensions: 65L
    Height: 75.0 cm
    Length: 38.0 cm
    Width: 23.0 cm
    Capacity volume (ltr): 65 liters

Weather Resistant

High Durability

Easy maintenance and handling

Customised bins available